St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







Bob was born in New York, but lived in Indianapolis most his life. He was Vice President of International Shoe Company.  Bob moved to Detroit and got hooked on hockey just before he moved to St Louis.

He was an organizer of the Kirkwood Youth Hockey Association in 1967 and was its first President.  Along with procuring their uniforms, he remained active on board and was involved for at least 15 years.

Bob also coached a juvenile team for a couple years with a couple of his friends, was the general manager of the Laclede Gas Blue Flames Association and a Board member of Missouri Amateur Ice Hockey Association.

Having started the Kirkwood High School program in1972, he did everything first class, making sure all the helmets, gloves and pants were of the same color and design.  With PR and newspaper coverage, he started the cheerleaders 1972,

From 1974 to 1984, he was on the board of Mid States and remained for 10 years.  He took this knowledge of how to run a great High School program and taught it to other schools.  Bob would go in and teach the new program, show them how to raise money, set up a board, draft by laws etc.  He helped over 8 new programs get started when serving as the Mid States New Team Development Director.  He was also the Mid States Playoff and Championship director for a number of years.  Bob began many of the traditions they still have today.  The championship mugs, the team dinners, pins, establishing a host, Blues support, etc.

Then in the 1990's, Jack Behan asked him to join the Kirkwood Youth Hockey Association Youth board.  Bob ran the discipline committee and more for 5 years.

His claim to fame it that he is the Father of Kirkwood Youth and St. Louis High school hockey.

Bob in honored each year with an award to a high school player, which is presented at the Mid States finals.  He attends every High school banquet and is recognized each year for his contributions.

He attends many High School games and numerous youth games, with or with out a grandchild playing.  Bob is well known at all levels and is a great guy.  He has done a lot for St. Louis hockey, much of which was at the very beginning when things were just getting started.