St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







Lou Struckman began ice-skating at age 10.  At age 16 he was a rink guard at the Wintergarden Ice Rink.  When he was 17, Lou skated a tryout for the St. Louis Flyers.  He was told that he was good enough to play in the New York Penn League, but would need to pay his own expenses if that were to transpire.  He could not afford to go, but did continue his interest in hockey.

Lou began coaching 40 year ago in 1969 when Bob Collett asked him to coach the Pee Wee Webster Groves team, then the Blue Flame Bantams in 1971-1972.   In 1970-71, the Webster Groves Bantams were the Missouri State Champions and earned the right to go to Thunder Bay Canada for a tournament.  Starting in 1972, Lou began coaching the Webster Groves High School hockey team.

In 1973, Lou was asked by Charlie Eberle and Bill Selman to coach the first Junior B hockey team in St. Louis, the St. Louis Blazers.  After the team moved to the Brentwood Ice Arena, the team was renamed the Brentwood Blazers and was owned by Doc Runco, Paul Weisman, Jim Jost, Joe Fresta and John Pauk.  In 1976, the Brentwood Blazers went to the Jr. B Nationals.  In 1977-1978 the Blazers were league champions and went to the Jr. B nationals.  This was repeated in 1981-1982 where again they were league champions and were invited to the National Junior B tournament. From 1974 to 1986, Lou held the Lou Struckman Hockey School each summer.

In 1981, Louis was awarded the Blueliner award.  He coached the Team St. Louis AAA team in 1984-1985.

His high school coaching career began with Lafayette High School in 1986-1987 were that team made it to the Mid States semi-finals.  He coached the Senior All-Stars in 1986 and 1988.  Lou received the Lynn Patrick Memorial Service Award for outstanding service to amateur hockey in 1990.

The 1990-1991 season saw Lou take the DeSmet high school team to the Mid-States finals.

"I truly value the many opportunities to have worked with such outstanding young men who always gave me 100% of their time and effort.  I’m proud to say that many of my former players have carried on their love of hockey from one generation to another."

"I appreciate all those who have supported me all these years, especially my wife Betty and children Jeff and Lisa."