St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







In 1968, shortly after the blues arrived in St. Louis, it didn't take Dan Pupillo long to get hooked on hockey. Along with his brothers, Chris, Tony, and Joe, the Pupillo boys were passionate about hockey. At the age of ten, Dan started playing hockey for the Frank Hanley Hockey School. After finishing the summer hockey camp, he moved on to play hockey as a pee wee for Valley Hockey.

Over the next few years Danny Pupillo played as a "Bantam" and "Midget" for Delta and the Blue Flames. The Blue Flames were a team that was started by 2008 HOF Member Tom Hurster. At the age of fifteen, he played on the first St. Louis Blazers team. At that time he also played with colleague and long time friend, David Bates(HOF 2008) and the team was coached by; Lou Struckman (HOF 2009).

The Blazers went on to win two championships, with Dan earning the honor of being chosen their most valuable player. During his senior year of high school he received a scholarship to Saint Louis University to play for the Billikens hockey program (78-79). From 1979 to 1981, he played for Ferris State College in Michigan.

In 1981 and 1982 he played in Italy as a dual citizen for the Italian National team, and the city of Cortina. He was invited to participate in the Blues camp in 1982. Dan also played in the International Hockey League (IHL). Later, he went on the play for the St. Louis Vipers Roller hockey League in their inaugural season.

Hockey continues to be an essential part of Dan's life and he continues to play regularly. None of these accomplishments would have taken place had it not been for the enormous amount of love and support given by Dan's family and friends throughout the years.

Dan is honored to be inducted into the St Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame and thanks the Nominating Committee and Board for his selection.