St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







Sel was born September 17th 1917, in St. Louis, Mo. He attended Soldan High School, and went on to serve in the 94th Infantry Division of the US Army. He was a naturally gifted athlete that excelled in many sports. He played semi-pro baseball in Mexico, as well as earning honors in basketball. He was elected into the Amateur Baseball hall of Fame in 1979. He coached various levels of hockey for Clayton, Kutis, the Blue Flames and lead Kirkwood High School to the Mid-States Championship in 1973. In 1961-62 Eddie Olson asked Sel's help in organizing youth hockey at Steinberg Ice rink along with some of his fellow St. Louis Flyer Teammates. Sel went on to serve as the 1st President of the Missouri Amateur Ice Hockey Association, a position he held for 6 years--1964-1970. Working with Eddie Olson Sr. (HOF Class 2008), Sel developed the Shaw Park / Clayton program in the early 60's. He wore many hats, acting in capacity as administrator, league coordinator, parental liaison, coach & even as a taxi shuttling players to & from the rink. All the while working toward accelerated competition. Next, Coach Kohrs took the 1st St. Louis all league team to the Midget National Tourney in Fort Wayne, IN., believed to be the first St Louis team to attend Nationals. The knowledge gained from this level of exposure was invaluable. Witnessing 1st hand that his St Louis player's skills were on par, Mr. Kohrs championed the need for an organized & sponsored, accelerated program. The logic was to provide select players & coaches more practice time in which to gel as teams; then constantly raise the challenge bar. He spent many hours working with a core group of like minded visionaries to construct what became the "Blue Flames" organization. Advanced skilled players of Squirt age through Juvenile now had a huge new avenue of opportunity opened for them. At the helm of the Juvenile Flames, Mr. Kohrs again acted in dual capacity. He networked hard with the organization to provide collegiate exposure for these older players & had success in scheduling games with Iowa State University & Notre Dame. As a coach, he instilled confidence in his players, fostering the best in sporting ethics & competitive spirit. His Juvenile Blue Flames were always on top and at the College level, impressive enough to cause Iowa State's recruitment of the 1st two St. Louisans. In parallel to his work on the accelerated program, Sel Kohrs continued to devote numerous hours to the success at all levels of St. Louis Amateur Hockey. His involvement ran the full gamut from acting as a mentor and advisor to actively coaching Sr. men's & high school teams. In 1973 he led Kirkwood to claim the Mid States High School Championship. Atop all these visible efforts & accomplishments, rode Sel's wonderful personality which has subtlety become his greatest legacy. As a result, St. Louis Amateur Hockey continues to enjoy a reputation of CLASS!!