St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







We can all thank Charlie Eberle for bringing Jr. B Hockey to St. Louis in the 1973-74 season.  Charlie was the owner of the hockey rink Ice Chateau in Spanish Lake, which was the original home of the St. Louis Blazers.

As time went on, the Blazers became the Brentwood Blazers.  Since the Blazers were the only Jr. B team in St. Louis, they played in the Chicago league.

Because of Charlie Eberle's foresight in starting a Jr. B hockey team, Junior B Hockey in St. Louis grew and by 1977 therer were five St. Louis Jr. B clubs who particiapted in the St. Louis Jr. League:  Afton Americans, Brentwood Blazers, Olivette Chiefs, St. Louis Comets adn the Florissant Leafs.

1977 was also the year of the First Gateway International Jr. B Hockey Tournament ever in the midwest adn it proved to be a tremendous success!  Not only were there five St. Louis Jr. B teams, in addition there were teams from out of town: the Berkley Bruins (Michigan), Waterford Lakers (Michigan), Huntsville Bruins (Alabama), the Los Angeles Jr. Kings, the Chicago Minow Hawks and Orr's Bee Liners from Brampton, Ontario!


Thanks, Charlie!!