St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







Herman L. Kriegshauser may not have had any impact on St. Louis area hockey if his three sons hadn't wanted to play. They were enrolled in the Winterland program in different age groups, and Herman played in a senior league there in the late3 1960's, and later sponsored a senior team at Castle Oak rink where two of his sons played. While all three Kriegshauser boys played at De Smet (after dad attended CBC) Herman became the president of the Mid-States Club Hockey Association (MSCHA) in 1974 for 10 years, and is currently Chairman Emeritus. He credits the success of MSCHA to the systematic delegation of responsibility across many individuals to perpetuate the program.

Herman recognizes Eddie Olson and Jim Whitworth - two of the earliest coaches his sons had in this sport. And some of Herman's fondest memories come from his three decades as a season ticke3t holder for St. Louis Blues hockey, as he journeyed with his Blues from the Checker Dome to the Scott Trade Center. "I am humbled by being named to this Hall o9f Fame. We had some very dedicated individuals who worked together to make Mid-States the success it is today."