St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







Doug was born, raised, and educated in south St Louis. His ice skating experiences were limited to the Winter Garden ice rink on DeBalivere and Carondelet Park's Boat lake. Those were very enjoyable experiences, but the sport of ice hockey was not associated with either one of them. His uncle's stories about the St Louis Flyers got him intrigued about the sport, Bobby Hull made him a fan, and attendance at the St Louis Brave's games completed the deal. This was further reinforced when he married a New England lady whose family adored the Bobby Orr Bruins.

That background certainly had an impact on their son, who joined the Meramec Sharks as soon as he was able.

Doug got involved first as a parent at the rink, next as a team coordinator, and then as a board member. The Meramec Board offered many opportunities and he served not only as a board member, but also as scheduler, secretary, vice president, and president. There were times when he even coached.

The Meramec Board position responsibilities also allowed Doug to become active in the Missouri Hockey Youth Division as his club's representative and to serve for a number of seasons as a member of the Disciplinary committee.

Doug's introduction into Mid-States was through an invitation to join their Rules Committee.

Eventually he became a Board Member, Varsity Commissioner, a Disciplinary Committee member,

Scholarship Committee member, Rules Committee chairman, Vice - President, and President.

The last position allowed him the privilege of sitting on the Missouri Hockey, Inc Board.

It is certainly a privilege to work with so many fine individuals and an honor to be a part of two highly successful organizations.