St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







When Mike Page relocated to St. Louis, Missouri in 1979 from Upstate, New York he found his calling, ice hockey. Mike always enjoyed hockey whether it was skating on the neighborhood frozen pond as a child all the up to participating in leagues while attending college. Sports had always been a part of Mike’s life growing up near the Finger Lakes but he mostly found himself in a boat or behind the boat on two ski’s or even one. It was obvious from early on that Mike had the knack to skate whether it on water, snow or ice! New to St. Louis, Mike was introduced to the St. Louis Eagles Hockey Club by Audrey Fauth who introduced him to Lloyd Berry, club manager of the St. Louis Eagles. Soon, Mike was playing for the Eagles at local rinks, Afton and Creve Coeur. With Mike’s outgoing, fun-natured personality he made lasting friendships with the players and enjoyed years of memories with the Eagles. Mike would have never known of the opportunities ahead of him when he joined the Eagles. Not only did Mike play the game but he was asked to serve as a coach and mentor for an Afton boy’s league. Mike taught the boy’s what true sportsmanship was by not only sharing the importance of playing the game seriously but also incorporating the importance of having fun. As a result, if anyone were to ask the now grown players today, they would remember Mike as a caring, supportive coach who dedicated his time and knowledge to the game. On a side note, any of the players could share with a grin on their face that often Mike could be seen in the box yelling out on the ice while sucking on a Tootsie Roll pop. Mike’s sweet tooth soon became the team joke and he was continually showered with bags of Tootsie Roll pops. While Mike maintained the role of a coach on the boy’s league, he also remained very active playing for the Eagles. During that time, Mike was asked to take over and manage the St. Louis Eagles Hockey Club from prior manager, Lloyd Berry. Mike requested the job honorably and for 17 years Mike ran the Eagles with class, honesty and fairness. Mike exhibited that true leadership is a gift! With all the years of hockey memories, Mike made an impact on many people and influenced the local St. Louis hockey scene by giving his heart and passion to a game he thoroughly enjoyed. The true friendships he made over the years and his love and dedication to the game will always stand tall and has shaped Mike’s personal brand within the hockey community. Mike would like to thank everyone involved for the honor and recognition of the Spirit Award.