St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







Walter Sharpe had a love for hockey, a love he passed down to his family. Both his sons followed in his footsteps and were goalies, for Viannay and Chaminade respectively. His grandson was a defenseman for Webster Groves high school while one of his granddaughters was an ice hockey cheerleader for Kirkwood. His oldest grandchild went on to be in game host and web reporter for the St Louis Blues for 11 seasons.But more than involving his family in the sport of hockey he was a promoter of the sport throughout his lifetime. From cleaning ice rinks in high school, to serving as the President of the Amature Hockey League, even going from high school to high school to help young kids play. Hockey in St Louis was an important part of Walt's life. As a youngster, Walt wanted to play hockey There was no way he could ever afford hockey equipment. One day, while cleaning up at an ice rink a player threw walt his pads and said "Hey kid put these in the trash for me". Walt said ok and was overjoyed as he carried those old worn out pads home. When he got them home he spent time taping them and fixed those pads .... And a goalie was born.

Walt Sharpe loved hockey. He played on many hockey teams here in St Louis at a time where there was limited sheets of ice, and almost all of them were outdoor rinks.. This caused the ice time, to be very expensive. After he was married in order to play games that were affordable he and his friends had to play in Peoria, or in North County. They played late nights, mostly on weeknights. It made the next work day tiring, but it was a sport he loved. He was part of the Senior Amateur Hockey League back in the 60s . He played pick up games in the old Area. He played with notable names like Eddie Olson, Bill McKenna, (HOF class of 2008), Jim Whitworth (HOF class 2010) Scotty Bowman and Sid Solomon Jr. He always told a few funny stories involving some of those names, the names who laid the groundwork for the Blues we celebrate today. 

Walt Sharpe loved the game so much that he spent a lot of hours in amateur hockey. He felt it was important to promote the sport he loved. He lived in Kirkwood and was President of the Kirkwood Amateur Hockey League for years (late 60s early 70s). Walt was the creator of the Brandon O'Neil trophy, it has since been renamed - but it is the trophy Webster and Kirkwood still compete for annually, as part of the Turkey Day activities. Walt Sharpe was president of the Amature league from 1974-1977. His phone would ring off the hook with hockey problems and hockey meetings, hockey needs from coaches to parents of players. What worked perfectly for the sport Walt so loved is that he was the right person to get things done. He was an excellent communicator and made things happen. Walt Sharpe was an organizer, coach, president, goalie and ambassador of the sport of hockey. The Sharpe family thanks every parent who wakes up before dawn to cart their little youth hockey player to practice and games. Keeping hockey thriving and growing in St Louis, Now with the Stanley Cup Champions being in St Louis more parents will be joining you in your early morning jaunt. We thank the committee members for keeping the history of youth hockey in St Louis alive. Walt Sharpe is smiling down from heaven to receive such an honor.