St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







Tom K. Hurster's involvement in hockey started in with enrolling two of his sons in the St. Louis Blues Hockey camp at Winterland Ice Arena in the late 60's. Other sons have played in the Valley Hockey program. After one year, Tom and friend Morley Harper started the Mo Delta Amateur Hockey program. Tom sponsored the Mi8ssouri contingency to the very first International Special Olympics. getting involved with the pioneers of junior hockey in St. Louis, Tom and his good friend Frank Ferrara were integral in starting the St. Louis Junior Blues in cooperation with the St. Louis Blues. Tom's involvement led to the national level where he participated in governing boards  for the sport and made friend through out the U.S. and Canada.

Tom is survived by his wife, Pat and five kids, eleven grandchildren, and one great grand child. Tom's legacy of hockey greatness survived him when, in his memory, his friends in junior hockey named the championship trophy The Hurtster Cup "We would like like to thank the Hall of Fame Committee for choosing to honor Tom for all his countless hours of time to make hockey better for the kids of St. Louis. And a special thanks to Scott Rupp, whose inspiration would have made Tom proud."