St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame







My Thirty-Two years of hockey in St. Louis

1974-77  -  Coached and sponsored Mini-Squirt Hockey Team, Affton Ice Rink
1977-80  -  President of Oakville High School Hockey Club
1978-81-    Played Senior Men's Hockey (left wing)
1978-        Asst. Tournament Director Mid-States High School Hockey Assoc.
1979-96   Secretary and Tournament Director Mid-States H.S. Hockey, ran the Tournament at the Arena and
                    Kiel Center for 17 years and produced the Tournament Book
1979        Started the Mid-States High School Hockey Cheerleader Tournament
1981-96-  Treasurer of Mid-States High School Hockey Assoc.
1984     -  Received the first Ray Harrison Award, March 27, 1984 
1989    -   Received an Outstanding Service Award from the Mid-States Hockey Cheerleaders
1991-06-  National Hockey League Off-Ice Official, I have served as Game Time Keeper, Goal Judge,   
              Statistician and Official Scorer.  Not paid at this time, we all came from the amateur ranks.
1993-97-  Crew Supervisor for the "Roller Hockey International League" St. Louis Vipers. Not paid
1996   -   Received the "Lynn Patrick Memorial Award".
1996-05-  Appointed Crew Supervisor by the National Hockey League for the St. Louis Off-Ice Officials, 15        
                   man crew, Job Assignments (Word) Payroll (Excel)  First year to receive pay.
1997-      The National Hockey League ask our crew to train three of the four new NHL hockey teams Off-Ice       
2001    -  Went to Salt Lake to evaluate the hockey program and volunteers for the  Salt Lake Olympic             
2002    -  Returned to Salt Lake for the Olympics and was  one of two, Official Score Keepers for Hockey. 
2006    -  Retired from the National Hockey League to move to Florida